Monday, March 2, 2009

Pineapple Plant

I am very happy that my pineapple plant has survived living indoors all winter. I started it last summer, I have always loved to grow plants, and growing a pineapple plant was always on my list, but living in northern areas has never made it easy. Down here in Arkansas, everything seems to grow really well. I have some big windows that really let the light in when the winter gets gloomy.

I have seen pineapple plants that actually produce little baby pineapples, so I guess I will have to do some research to see if that is possible in a home setting. I know that the plant has to become quite large to get anything that would be large enough to be edible, but I would be quite happy with a little baby pineapple.

I am so glad we have entered the month of March, and with daylight saving coming up next weekend the days will soon become longer and the chances to get out and weed the garden and the landscape around the house will soon begin. We have bed of azaleas along the north side of the house, that look really great after a year of composting and fertilizing them. They were scraggly covered in oak leaves and had a lot of dead branches when we moved in to this home. This spring their leaves are shiny and they look very healthy. I am amazed what little attention that I have given them, has done so much. They bloom in the most gorgeous salmon color, and I can't wait to see if the care they received will affect the amount of blooms we get this year.
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  1. Colorado's weather has also been quite up to 75 yesterday. I agree that springtime is beautiful, but I do so love winter & snowstorms. (One of my favorite things to do is go for a walk in the fresh snowfall, before the plows & cars have come through. It's so quiet & magical.) But the total snowfall this winter has been just plain pitiful...& now it looks like I'll have to wait till next winter for a good dumping!

  2. Was this from a pineapple from the grocery store?

  3. Jo,
    You are right about new snow and the peaceful it brings until us human go and tromp thru it. I had forgotten that thanks for the reminder, ok there is one good thing about snow.
    Yes I started this from a pineapple that I bought at the grocery store. We ate the bottom and I decided to see if I could make it grow. So far so good. I read that to make it produce fruit it has to be two years old and you put it in the shade in a bag with an apple for four days. It didn't say what time of the year you should do so maybe I will try it next spring.

  4. cool! I didn't know you could plant the pineapple top. I love fresh pineapple...I'm gonna try sprouting the top.

  5. If you goggle it, there are instructions on line.