Sunday, July 28, 2013

Block nine in progress

 I have been stitching the many leaves of this block every evening this week. Yesterday, I added the stems which makes sense of all the leaves scattered throughout the block. This morning I am adding the final stem.

Then I will be moving on to the eight buds that are on this block. Once these are completed, I can start the three layered flowers. I love getting to the stage where I can add the red flowers. The blocks are rather boring with all the green leaves. It is a bit like growing a garden, Carefully watching as the leaves multiple. and the plant gets larger. But, the  reason we grow the plant is to see it blooming. So this week will be a fun week as each evening I get to see my block blossom.
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Monday, July 22, 2013

Block 8 complete!

Well, block eight is complete! Spent most of the last week working on the eight layered flower, and finally decided a ruched flower was the answer. At some point, I was reminded that quilting should be fun, and not frustrating. There will be plenty of other layered flowers to tackle in the next block!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

Trying Something New!

I am practicing a new technique for me when doing my needle turn applique.  Up until now, I would make freezer paper templates, press them onto the right side of the fabric, trace around the template  and then pin it in place on the block and stitch it down.
My technique has worked pretty well so far, but like most quilters I have so many quilts that I would love to make, so I am always looking for a time saving tip. I also really like not adding marking substance to the fabric if I can help it.

I started this morning sitting out on the terrace and trying my new technique. First off, living in Arkansas there are not too many, or should I say any mornings that are cool enough to feel like sitting out and stitching. Here it is July 14th and it was 67  at 730am perfect weather to try a new technique.
I must say, so far so good! The freezer paper on top really makes me take smaller stitches and with applique that is a good thing.  I also find that I am forced to make my stitch thru the very edge of the applique so the stitch is hidden.  The other advantage is I can line the mark on the template with the vine line on my master template when using the light box, which helps to be sure the placement is more accurate. So I will spend some time this afternoon and evening stitching down the rest of the leaves on the current block.  This block will finish with a  a six layer flower, I sure hope this technique helps me master the flower, since they are so wonderful.
For now I am taking a bit of a break and going over to Kathy's blog to see what others are hand stitching today.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

George's Cherry Tree

I finished the applique on this block today. The birds still need eyes, but that can wait till morning! That makes a total of seven blocks of twenty-five done! Now to choose which one to do next.
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