Sunday, January 19, 2020

My 12 Santa Journey -

My first Santa is loved for his simplicity!  He was released in 1984 by Prairie Schooler and I fell in love with him the moment I saw him.  I feel I am making good progress and I am enjoying listening to some You tube videos on cross stitching while I stitch.  It's always wonderful to learn tips and the different techniques crafters use.  One surprise for me is that some stitchers use a hoop and some do not, a bit like hand quilting.  I am basically using the stab stitch rather than the sewing stitch on this Santa but who knows what the future will hold.  Although I am still putting in some hand quilting stitches on my trailing vines it's nice to pick up this project too!  I am stitching him on 18ct aida. Here's my progress so far!

Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Mystery Quilt 2020

Well, I am doing my first mystery quilt!  Making a mystery quilt is something that has never called my name.  But when Kathleen Tracy of Sentimental Quilter presented one, I knew it was time.  She is know for her small quilts and traditional patterns so I figured this would be a perfect one to join.   It's also a scrappy quilt, so it may make a bit of a dent in my bin of small scraps.  I finished up January's block this week.  They were  a lot of fun, nothing to difficult, but it is making me wonder where we are heading.  I love the slow pace  she has set as we have a month to finish each of the six clues!

Sunday, January 12, 2020

1984 Prairie Schooler Santa

I feel pretty good about this week.  I made all my cheddarback blocks although they were a bit demanding.  You can see them on my last blog post.  It's so nice when you have had years of learning to help you succeed.   I think quite often we don't realize the knowledge we have under our belts.   I also found a little time to start my 1984 Santa.  I posted last Sunday about how I had purchased this crossstitch chart back in the early 80's, but I didn't realize till a comment from that post pointed out that's almost a 40 year old pattern.  So, I did the math and yes 1984 was 36 years ago.  Wow!  I still love the pattern and am excited about my 12 Santa journey this year!   I watched some videos on crossstitching as I pretty much only know what I learned from doing a little kit many years ago.  I found some great videos done by Jan Hicks that are fun to listen to while I stitch and very informative. Here's what I have accomplished thus far.

Hopefully it will be completed by the end of January!

Saturday, January 11, 2020

Cheddarback quilt January blocks

It's cold here in Texas this am, after some balmy temps this week.  Yesterday we had the backdoor open enjoying some fresh air and this morning we woke to some snow on the ground.  Personally, I could do without it!  Our first snow in four years so I guess I shouldn't complain.

I spent a lot of time this week working on the January blocks for Cheddarback and found them quite challenging.  I definitely could pull from the variety of techniques quilters use to accomplish making a block.  I didn't sew any by hand but did use sewing seam to seam like hand piecers do and also used paper piecing to accomplish accuracy working with such tiny triangles.  I really don't mind paper piecing but it seems to take a lot more time and I always feel it wastes alot of fabric, but it does make some blocks doable.  I am pleased that I was able to make all of the blocks.

Sunday, January 5, 2020

Happy New Year!

Well, I have made it!  For a lot of decades, it seemed like 2020 was so far off in the future.  It's the year I become a full fledged senior citizen.  I would see that year so often when planning our retirement.  Wow and now it has officially arrived.

I have seen a lot of bloggers listing their finishes for 2019 and posting their lists of what they want to do in 2020.  I have no idea when my projects will be completed.  I like just plodding along and doing what I feel like doing.  I do have to admit that I am alittle excited about finishing my trailing vines. The quilting stitches are really creating such a wonderful texture.  But, I must be patient, those slow stitches take time.  I try to enjoy some slow stitches daily, but sometimes I'm too tired or I am busy with other things.  I marked the diagonal lines on strip number 8 of 11 strips in the quilt, so I am making good progress.  I need to make a label and get some fabric for the binding, but I'll wait till the quilting is done to face all that.

Isn't the texture lovely?  I have a rock wall in my home that I use to showcase my quilts.  It's a great way for me to add some color to my home as the seasons change.  I can't wait to see my trialing vines on the wall.  Right now, I have my ocean waves draped there and it will stay up until after Valentine's Day.  I think my trailing vines would be perfect for spring!

I will admit, as much as I love making quilts, I will spend more time in 2020 knitting and crossstitching and making small projects. I have purchased 12 of The Prairie Schooler Santas that I want to crossstitch.  I bought my first pattern back in the early 1980's I think it is about time I started stitching them up!

 I will continue to work on the Sentimental Stitches Cheddarback quilt. There are three more months of downloads after January.   Once completed, it will be added to the waiting to be quilted tops. I also have started making blocks for Kathleen Tracey's mystery quilt.  It's a small 30 inch quilt and my first go at a mystery.  I have alot of small scraps that I hope will work for this one.  These tops will get done one by one as fall and winter arrive each year.  My daughter in law said to me the other day it must be nice to be retired and enjoying each day the way you do.  I think, she is absolutely right, just plodding along enjoying life.

Sunday, December 15, 2019

Sew Many Stitches!

It's often hard to show progress on a hand quilted quilt.  The process is not fast, and in the case of my trailing vines quilt there aren't different blocks to showcase. The quilting design doesn't change much,
so each strip is pretty much a repeat of the it's previous strip. But I must say, I love quilting quilts like this.   Each quilting session allows me to just the enjoy the many stitches this quilt is calling for.

I am linking up with Kathy's quilt. She is asking her fellow slow stitchers to share a favorite Christmas decoration that we have stitched.  I made this Thimbleberries wreath pattern years ago.  I love pulling it out each year, it reminds me how I first started my quilting journey.  Like most I just plunged in not knowing alot and this piece reminds me how far I have come in my journey.

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Decision made!

Well, I decided on Monday morning to do the 45 degree diagonal lines thru my leaf vines all in one direction.  In my gut I just felt that since this a traditional pattern that the consistant slant would be more appropriate.  The vines are not symmetrical, so having the consistant angle makes sense to me.
I made a little progress this week on my leaf strip, but we are heading out of town for the Thanksgiving and packing and preparing has interferred with my quilting time.  So here is a peak at what I have accomplished.  I will be taking a blog break till after Christmas. Happy stitching until then!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Decisions Decisions!

 The third strip of my trailing vines quilt was finished this morning!  I am thrilled with how the cables play off the curves of the vines.  The heavy quilting takes time, but I feel it will be well worth it. Since it's my favorite part of making a quilt, it seems fitting to enjoy all the slow stitches that I can.   Afterall, it's not how fast but how pleased I am with the results that counts.   I do need to decide whether to slant all the 45 degree lines thru the leaf strips one direction or to alternate them?????  So I would love hearing your opinion and maybe why you feel that way!  A fellow quilter said a poll will probably not help with your decision, she most likely is right, but I would love to  hear your opinion anyway.