Sunday, July 5, 2020

Two finishes this week!

Well, with summer in full swing here in North Texas we are spending more time inside.  Covid is on a huge upswing here, another reason to stay close to home.  I am so happy that our govenor finally bit the bullet and ordered that masks are required in public places.    So I was able to get some great stitching time in this week.  First, I finished Santa number #8! He's quite jolly so there were a lot of stitches to make.  I had to count the finished Santa's to make sure he was number 8, so I laid them out on one of my quilt ladders.  I am really liking the variety and have found six more charts so I need to get them ordered!

Then on Wednesday the July motifs were released for the Linen and Threads SAL 2020.  It included a bird that I think is so cute so I couldn't wait to start stitching it.  I finished up yesterday afternoon so it is gonna be a long month waiting for the next release!

So hopefully today, I will be able to start Santa #9.  I also have a few embroideries I want to start so there will be plenty of stitches to do as we go thru July.

Sunday, June 28, 2020

Santa #8

After finishing up on the June chart for the Linen and Threads SAL, I started Santa #8.  I have been working on him for two weeks and he still needs his boots and the border stitched, but he is coming along nicely.  I am finding I struggle a bit when using the white threads in his beard. I ended up using a method called railroading to help the threads lay straight.  It seemed to help but is a bit tedious to do.  I was wondering if some of you other crossstitchers have run into the same problem.  And I also wonder if its just a problem with dmc thread. I don't have any experience with other threads, so your thoughts would be appreciated. 

I also got a bit of surprise this am when I looked at my perrenial bed this morning. My little  rain lillies bulbs that I bought off a clearance rack have decided to bloom.  The flowers just popped up overnight it seems! Hopefully they will spread and I will enjoy more blooms each year!

Sunday, June 14, 2020

Happy Flag Day!

I thought I would start the celebration with a pic of Santa number six of my 12 Santa Journey!  He's not as jolly as some of the others but was still a lot of fun to stitch!  Will you be displaying a flag today?

I also found enough stitching time to finish June's chart for the Linen and Threads 2020 SAL!  So hopefully Santa # 8 will get started today!

Sunday, June 7, 2020

June SAL and Santa # 8

Well, I must start out by saying I had such a fun week finishing the stitching on Santa # 7, but he is hiding until next Sunday.   He's  a very patriotic Santa so he wanted to wait till we get closer to flag day!  I will start stitching the June motifs for the Linen and Threads SAL.  This month  includes the year so a little different, but it's always nice to add the date to a piece when we stitch it! Excuse my bad photo, but all the blinds are drawn to help keep out the heat we are having.  I guess summer is here to stay now.  Thankfully, they opened our community pool today.  We like to go mid morning before it gets extremely hot and put in a few laps.

I also hope to start Santa # 8.  He was first introduced in 1985.  He reminds me of the St Nicholas that my mom would tell me about back when she was a little girl in Austria.  She would tells us he wasn't alway nice and if you were naughty he seemed to know about it.  A piece of coal instead of a piece of candy, oh my!  He looks like he has enjoyed a lot of German wurst too, as he is quite plump! 

As I mentioned earlier, the heat is on in Texas. So I am including a few pics from my perren.l garden and a pic of one of the lemons on my Meyer Lemon Tree.  I am very pleased with the lemon tree's progress.  It wasn't in the best shape when we purchased it, it was the last tree in the greenhouse, so I am so glad it is getting new leaves  and has about a dozen lemons on it.


Sunday, May 31, 2020

Santa # 7

Another Santa completed!  Number six was fun to stitch as he was a gardener and the flowers have been so pretty this year in my little perennial bed.  I really am glad that Santa enjoys to garden in the off season, it must be quite relaxing for him. 

Then of course since the Linen and Threads SAL's new chart hasn't come out yet, I decided to get a start on Santa # 7.  I chose him since he's a patriotic Santa and has on his three corner hat and has a flag and bugle in his pack.  I thought that would be quite fitting as we are coming up on Flag Day and before you know it, it will be time to celebrate the Fourth of July!

I couldn't resist laying the six finished Santa's out and snapping a picture.  Three were done on 16 ct aida and 3 on 18 ct aida.  I like variety I guess!

Sunday, May 24, 2020

May flowers

Texas is finally warming and flowers are opening all over my little flower bed and my stitching!  I planted some lily bulbs a couple of years ago and they are doing well!

And in my stitching, Santa # 6 of my 12 Santa Jouney is a gardener!  He now is holding his watering can and I've started his wheelbarrow and even a few flowers were added this week.  

Sunday, May 17, 2020

Mid May Update!

It's been a great week here. Starting the week with a wonderful Mother's Day with my son and his family!  I am so thankful for the technology we have today as I could have a wonderful video chat with my daughter and her family all the way from Cambridge, England.  My hope is that we can go visit sometime in the next 2 years before she comes back to the states.  I guess time will tell as things start to reopen and we try to live in a new way to avoid the virus.   Thursday, we went out to celebrate my 65th birthday!  It was the first time we sat down at a restaurant in I don't know how long.  It seemed like ages! Here I am with hubby and my son.

Of course, there was some down time for some crossstitching!  I finished up my May Linen and Threads SAL chart!  Each additional motif really adds so much to this project!

And since I was able to get out and pick up some dmc threads I could go ahead and work on Santa #6.  This is the 1993 release and kind of dear to my heart as he is the gardening Santa.  Lots and lots of stitches still to make but he is coming along.

Hope you had a wonderful week and found some time to make your favorite stitches!  

Sunday, May 10, 2020

Happy Mother's Day!

Such a wonderful week here in North Texas!  We had some windy days but we expect them and a few showers, but we are always thankful for them as our summers become quite hot and dry!  But looking out one morning this week I was amazed how green the grass is and how the perrenials are starting to bloom.  Despite the ongoing news about Covid19 life out in nature is continuing to flourish and in fact quite well this spring.  I decided to snap a few pics of things growing in the backyard in celebration of Mother's Day!

Some have started blooming others are just about to bloom!  But all of them so happy to be alive and flourishing!

I added a humming bird feeder to my perrenial bed this year.  I wasn't sure any would come to my feeder but I did have to give it a go.  Much to my surprise we have several that have been visiting every day and although they are hard to capture in a pic I did capture a couple of snapshots this week.

I am able to watch them from the screened in porch while I am reading or stitching, what a joy!

As for stitching I did get a few stitches in my Linen and Things SAL

It's coming along nicely I have a couple of more motifs to add before the next month's chart comes out!  I also started my next Santa!  I went and counted and found out I had more done that I had thought! This is Santa #6.  I have been watching some You tube videos on how to frame and finish off projects and have some ideas in my head.

I finished the Bunny on green this week  too!

Today will be family time!  My son has invited us over for some Texas BBQ Brisket!  It's sooooo good and the weather should be perfect to enjoy their beautiful backyard!  It's not a traditonal Mother's day as we usually go out to eat, but it sure will be just as awesome!