Sunday, February 18, 2018

Quilting completed!

I have really enjoyed quilting my red and white ocean waves quilt these past six weeks.  There is nothing better to help me get thru the winter than having a quilt top to hand quilt.

My ocean waves measures approximately 76 X76 inches.  Not a huge quilt but the kind my husband and I like to cuddle under while watching tv.  No fancy feathers, just some outline quilting on the triangles and a mariner's star quilted into the larger white squares. It doesn't get better than that!

Today, I will work on hand stitching the binding down. That final step in finishing a quilt. One that I truly enjoy!  That sense of accomplishment never gets old.  Years ago, I always wished we had family quilts in our family. But since my mom immigrated from Austria we only had plenty of handknit sweaters, hats and mittens but no quilts. So my dream was to own a hand quilted quilt, but the funds were never there.  I finally decided the only way I would ever own a quilt, was to learn to quilt, but I always feared that I wouldn't have the tenacity to finish a quilt.  Maybe that fear is what drove me, not sure, but I now look back in amazement at all the hand quilted stitches I have put into my quilts.  Those stitches have always amazed me and still amaze me!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Celebrating Accomplishments!

Another busy week here, but I was able to fit in some hand quilting each evening.  I started the final row of blocks around the outside edge of the quilt last Sunday.  I have three units left to quilt.

A fellow quilter asked me what I was going to quilt into the white squares and I thought about a Lemoyne star back when I first started quilting this quilt.  She suggested a mariner's star, since afterall this is an ocean waves quilt.  So I got on Blockbase and found this mariner's star that I thought would look great and also balance with the quilting in the triangles.

Yesterday afternoon I got out my Elmers rubber cement and my cereal box cardboard and made some templates to help me mark my quilt.  It's a great feeling to get the decision behind me and sparks me on to get this quilt finished.  However, I will be heading out shortly to have lunch with my hubby of 41 years.  Yes, anniversary 41 and going strong!

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Moving a long!

I have had another great week stitching on my ocean waves quilt!  There's really no exciting photos I can take as I am simply outlining the triangles with my stitches! Boy does this quilt have a lot of triangles. I have all the triangle units completed except the outer row.  It shouldn't be much longer before I can start quilting the large white squares.

I started this quilt with a new package of needles. I am using  Richard Hemming size 9's I love using a longer needle and loading 4-5 stitches on before pulling it through. I'm not sure they will stay sharp enough to get the whole quilt done but we will see.  Hope you had some time to put in some hand quilting stiches this week. It's such a relaxing joy to just stitch for an hour or two each day!

Friday, January 26, 2018

More String blocks

Well I made my goal of 50 blocks the first week of my challenge to use up the strings. This week I didn't quite make it but I did get 30 more made.  I had to remind myself this is not a race and I should just be pleased that I am making progress towards getting these strings sewn into blocks. So I have to say I am really pleased that I working on these.  I really love how something so ragged and ugly gets trimmed into a perfectly sized block.

I took some time to pin the blocks in sets of ten so when it comes time to decide how I want to set them I will know what I have.  So with the previously sewn blocks I am up to 280 blocks. 

My scrap box is beginning to look better. Still a lot of strings to sew and I definitely want to make as many blocks as I can before I decide how to set them and how large to make the quilt or quilts.

I was out for one of my daily walks this week and noticed the blue sky. There wasn't a cloud in the sky and the blue was gorgeous!  I just had to take a snapshot!