Thursday, April 2, 2020

Final blocks Of Cheddarback Quilt

Well here it is the beginning of April and I have been able to finish up the blocks for Cheddarback quilt.  Gay Boomers decided that with the COVID19 quarentines and restrictions she would release the last two months at the same time.  I was gladly surprised because it does get harder and harder to wait for the release of the final blocks. So here they are!  I took come closeups of a few of my favoites!

There's something special about a little churn dash block!

I really like my fabric choices in this one!

Now I need to lay all my units out and decide on the final layout.  I am following Gay's layout and not the layout of the original quilt, however I have changed some things up.  Not sure that will happen this week, but I am sure it won't be long.  I really want to get this into a top and in the lineup to be quilted someday.

Sunday, March 29, 2020

More progress on my 12 Santa Journey!

I have read several blogs this week where the author has mentioned that they are so glad they are crafty and have supplies on hand while we are hunkering down during the pandemic.  I have to agree, I am thankful to have my stitching.  I spent a lot less time listening to the news and more time stitching and getting outdoor for my fresh air and exercise.  It's been a much more pleasant week for me.  I am glad that others in my neighborhood are doing the same thing and I hear a lot of commenting how wonderful it is to actual see our neighbors. I myself have met several neighbors that I normally never see.  I spent most of my time this week crossstitching since my iron died.  I had plans to work on piecing the rest of my Cheddarback quilt blocks.  I ordered a new iron from Amazon and they said estimated delivery would be April 18th.  Oh my, but to my surprise I was informed that it shipped this am and will arrive Monday.  So with all that stitching time, I finished Santa #4.

As soon as he was finished, I pulled out the chart for Santa #5.  I have stitched the border and now I am starting on Santa.  Sorry the poor lighting really throws off the actual colors.  Hope that everyone else is settling in to our new temporary norm.  Hopefully, it will pay off and we can start heading back to the real normal!

Sunday, March 22, 2020

Santa #4

  I have been working on Santa # 4 this week while keeping up dated on the corona virus.  I think I spent a little too much time watching and worrying as by Thursday, I just started feeling upset.  I don't consider myself a person who overreacts to things, but I must admit it has shaken me.  Everything seemed to be upsetting me.  So Friday morning I got up and just stitched, I made it my priority.  The day was so much better.  I decided there's really not too much  that any of us can do but to try and follow the guidelines.  I hope that most are coming to the same conclusion.  So, since I have eight more Santa's to stitch,  there is plenty of slow stitching to keep me sane.  Here is my progress on Santa #4!

I am looking forward to this week as signs of spring are getting stronger.  We have had close to 16 inches of rain this year in our area, twice the amount we usually get.  A record was broken today with 11 consecutive days of rain.  But the forcast for this week looks like we may see Mr Sun again, that should help my attitude a lot. I hope that you are finding some solace in your stitching  too!

Sunday, March 15, 2020

Santa # 3 Finish

I can't believe it's Sunday again. This week really passed quickly.  Spring has arrived here in North Texas as the trees have just started to bud.  The Pear trees are blooming and the burmuda is starting to green up.  We have had a lot of rain this week.  So, I decided to just head to the sewing room and tackle my March goals.  I finished making my Cheddarback quilt blocks!

Then started on the five blocks I needed to make for my mystery quilt!

There was even time to make some great progress on my Linen and Threads SAL.  I should be able to finish March's stitches on it today!

I finished Santa # 3 early this week and I think he turned out quite well!

Next up Santa# 4!   I have decided it would be fun to tea/coffee stain some 18ct aida for the next three Santas.  It looks pretty easy to do, but time will tell.  If you have some experience with this I would love to hear your tips or experience on this subject!

Friday, March 13, 2020

March Cheddarback Quilt Blocks

I really didn't I would make such great progress on these blocks.  Just shows you what a rainy day spent in the sewing room can accomplish.  There are only two more months of blocks ( ten blocks) to complete to make this a completed top!

Here is a close-up of the five inch finished blocks for this month!

The next photo shows them set in the sashing and cornerstones with  the 12 inch finished block!  I also went ahead and made sure I had enough cornerstones and sashing cut for the next two months.  I  think it is going to be hard to wait for the last two months to release as we are getting so close to finishing this project!

Sunday, March 8, 2020

Santa #3 progress

It was a busy week here. Tom and I finished our fence replacement project on Friday!  I am pleased with how it turned out and am so glad everything is complete including the painting.  But of course, all that time outdoor time didn't leave much time to do some stitching.  But Santa #3 is coming along.

I need to finish stitching the background of his coat and then add a pineapple and two more pieces of fruit to the bottom corners, and yes he needs his boots. Not sure I can get all of that completed  today, but I should make some good progress.  I decided to try stitching in hand without a hoop on the background of Santa's coat.  I felt really good in my hand, but I am not as pleased with my stitches so some frogging happened. 

I have a feeling I won't get all my projects finished for March.  However I did make the 12 inch block for Cheddarback and printed out the March patterns for the Linen and Threads SAL and the mystery quilt.  There is still plenty of days in March, but sometimes the nicer weather calls me outside and we have family visiting the last week in March.  But, it's not a race and I really don't have deadlines on these projects so it is what it is. But, it makes me happy to know there is plenty of slow stitching that needs to happen to finish these projects.

Sunday, March 1, 2020

It's a Quilt

It's  been a very busy week.   I  still found some time to add a few stitches into my on going projects.  I finished binding My Trailing Vines quilt and the motifs on the outside pink strips were not making me smile.  Last night, I made the decision to go ahead and trapunto them so that they would be more defined.  I use a method that uses a darning needle and yarn.  It's not difficult, and I find it really isn't too time consuming.  The photos below show the results I was able to achieve.

The before photo

The after photo

I finished one strip Friday night and the other Saturday morning!  I am pleased with the results, and now I can say My Trailing Vines is completely finished.  

I wanted to take it outside to get some better photos and may do that later this week.  We were just too busy Saturday.  

February's stitches have been completed for The Linen and Threads SAL. I am loving this project more and more!

March patterns have been released for Cheddarback and the Linen and Threads SAL.  But I think this week I will continue on Santa #3 .  I am really enjoying getting back into crossstitch.   Below is my progress!

Sunday, February 16, 2020

Binding, Bingeing and Finishes!

Well another Sunday has rolled around.  I spent quite a few hours in the sewing room this week.  I finished my Cheddarback quilt blocks for February,  they can be seen here.  I also cut and sewed the binding to My Trailing Vines quilt.  Yes, that is the official name, since I was inspired by Susan Mc Cords Trailing Vines but I did it my way as the song goes.  I combined the idea of an English Strippy Quilt and Trailing Vines by widening the sashing and quilting cables in those strips.  My original intention was to do a knife edge finish that is often done on Strip Quilts, however, as usual I was a bit over zealous in my hand quilting and quilted all the way to the edge of the quilt.  I remembered too late, to leave about an inch or two unquilted to turn under.  Well, there was no way I was going to undo those hand quilted stitches, so I came up with a solution.  I decided to match the binding to the  strips on the quilt so that it would have the illusion of a knife edge.

It really wasn't hard to do, I just had to mark a quarter inch seam each time there was a fabric change and then had to sew on the other fabric and stitch!  However, I felt like it was going to take forever!  I had to walk away after doing a few questioning why I torment myself this way.  But I came back to it later, always remembering you get out what you put into a project.  Yes, it's a small detail, but it's those small details that make it or break it for me.  So what do you think was it worth it?  My answer is always yes, it makes it, and I guess that is all that matters.  So today, I will binge on the new Season of Outlander and stitch my binding down, now it doesn't get better than that!

I finished Santa # 2 this week, but haven't started on #3.  I want to thank all of you that gave me the obvious solution of outlining the ribbon on the wreath.  Well, it was obvious to all of you, not to me!   So I am grateful for your comments.

I also completed the January stitches on the Threads and Linens 2020 Crosstitch Mystery.  On to February stitches  where I have just about completed the flower in a vase.

 I hope you find joy in some hand work and add  a bit of detail that makes that next project special for you too. I will be linking up with Kathy's Quilt's to see what others are hand stitching and the joy it brings them!