Sunday, November 24, 2019

Decision made!

Well, I decided on Monday morning to do the 45 degree diagonal lines thru my leaf vines all in one direction.  In my gut I just felt that since this a traditional pattern that the consistant slant would be more appropriate.  The vines are not symmetrical, so having the consistant angle makes sense to me.
I made a little progress this week on my leaf strip, but we are heading out of town for the Thanksgiving and packing and preparing has interferred with my quilting time.  So here is a peak at what I have accomplished.  I will be taking a blog break till after Christmas. Happy stitching until then!

Saturday, November 16, 2019

Decisions Decisions!

 The third strip of my trailing vines quilt was finished this morning!  I am thrilled with how the cables play off the curves of the vines.  The heavy quilting takes time, but I feel it will be well worth it. Since it's my favorite part of making a quilt, it seems fitting to enjoy all the slow stitches that I can.   Afterall, it's not how fast but how pleased I am with the results that counts.   I do need to decide whether to slant all the 45 degree lines thru the leaf strips one direction or to alternate them?????  So I would love hearing your opinion and maybe why you feel that way!  A fellow quilter said a poll will probably not help with your decision, she most likely is right, but I would love to  hear your opinion anyway.

Sunday, November 10, 2019

November Cheddarback Quilt Blocks

It was a busy week at my house.  We tore into the laundry room and Tom built drawers to go under the front loader and dryer.  It will be so nice to not have to bend over to get the clothes at the back of the washer.   They turned out really nice and now I have two drawers to store supplies.  He finished them this week, and was wondering what was next.  So I suggested building in some shelves in the laundry room. I had some plastic shelving units that were not very stable and were beginning to sag in places.  He thought that was a good idea and we were able to finish them up yesterday.  I keep a lot of my kitchen appliances in there and it was so nice to have the open shelves that were a couple of inches wider with no supporting rods in the way and constraining how I used the them.

In between helping him in the garage I was able to stitch my November Cheddarback quilt blocks.  I decided for November, I would save the 5.5 inch blocks for use in the next section of the quilt instead of the letter blocks in that section. So for November's 5.5 inch blocks I drafted some number blocks for the year instead.  They aren't hard to do but just take a bit of thought and I just measured the pieces out from my drawings.  I think they turned out pretty good.

The block above the number blocks is the November 12.5 inch block. It was a fun block to stitch too!  So between the laundry room and the piecing I didn't get as many hand quilted stitches completed.  I was able to finish the two panels I almost finished last week and I started a third pink panel and stitched two sections of cable.  It's nice to look back at the week, I ususally find I did more than I thought.  Tonight, the Cowboys play the Vikings.  Alexa says the Cowboys are favored to win by 3 points so it should be a very close game.  I will try and enjoy a few more slow stitches but we will see how it all unfolds.

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Susan Mc Cord

I received so many wonderful comments last week on my trailing vines quilt.  I felt I needed to do a tribute to the original maker of the quilt Susan Mc Cord, afterall it was her vision!

She was an Indiana farm wife who had 7 children and created breath taking quilts out of bits of fabric.  I was watching tv and stitching Saturday morning and to my amazement CBS was doing a show on innovators.  People like Henty Ford and Thomas Edison and yes a quilter Susan Mc Cord.  They did mention in the piece that these quilts were made for warmth.  I really don't think this was her reason for making them. Afterall, you could patch big squares of fabric together to make a warm blanket.  I really feel she had a need to create something. She apparently had great skills and visions and needed to see them come to life.  Her attention to detail is amazing!

So fun to see how she quilted her Trailing Vines!

Oh the bits of fabric in this one!

She definitely had needle skillls

More leaves!

 Her work is amazing and to think she made these quilts back in the late 1800s before all the modern tools we use today to make quilts.   I love how organic her work is, she truely must have been inspired by nature. She used her now famous pieced leaves a lot and after making this quilt I can understand why. So this morning I laid out my version out to see the progress. I finish quilting to one edge and then started the cable the other direction and I have completed that panel.  This week I plan on completing the leaf panel and moving on to start the  next set of two panels.

Sunday, October 27, 2019

Hand Quilting

It's been a busy couple of weeks here.  Fall weather always is welcomed here in North Texas.  It is so nice to open up the house and enjoy the fresh air.  However, when it's in the low 80s or high 70's it can be too warm to get under a wool quilt and quilt very long.  But that is ok, there will be plenty of cooler days as we progress in the winter season.  I started quilting in the center of the quilt and have been following two panels to the edge.  I haven't quite reached the edge yet but I am almost there. Here is the progress on the front of the quilt.

 I was surprised to find that stitching around all those leaves is really more enjoyable than the cable panel.  But, I am very pleased with the results and balance of stitching between the two different panels.

I remembered this morning to flip the quilt over and give you a look at the back.   So much fun to take it out of the hoop and get a glimpse of what the finished quilt may look like.   Still so many stitches to make but each one brings me closer to a finish and I am afraid I will be a bit sad when it's done and it's no longer in the hoop.   But, it seems there is always another quilt top waiting in the sidelines and the list of quilts you want to make is endlesss.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

The hand quilting!

The hand quilting has begun!  It always seems like it takes forever to get a quilt to this point.  However, for me, it's about making a quilt that makes me happy and that does take some time.  I have come to enjoy the whole process, but the hand quilting is still the part that brings me a lot of joy. 

leaf panel
Well, it's a good thing, as this quilt needs a lot of stitches to make me feel it is complete.  I debated where to start quilting it as it is a strippy quilt. But decided why not finish the center and work out like I normally do, that way it gets easier to work on in my hoop as I go.  I marked all the pink panels with a cable design but, I hadn't fully decided on the leaf panels.  I will mark them as I go.  First I am stitching around all the applique, no marking needed for that and then I am adding a diagonal 45 degree line every inch across that panel. I think, each panel will lean a different direction, but that could change, time will tell.  But, I do know it's very nice knowing that this quilt is in the hoop.   That means I can sneak in a few minutes here and there and add some hand quilting stitches.  It doesn't get better than that!

Pink panel

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

October's Cheddarback Quilt blocks!

Only two 12 inch finished blocks for Cheddarback for the month of October.  The first one was an appliqued Carolina lily that was aided along by some machine piecing before it was appliqued to the background.  The original block was done in red vase, flower and stems, but it just didn't appeal to me so I chose blue and green.  

The second pieced block was one I have never made before.  It was fun to piece! I did sew two pieces of fabric together to make it large enough to cut the center piece.  This makes it a "make do" block, which I think will add to the charm of this quilt.  Picked up my new glasses on Wednesday and my prescription changed enough that it took a bit to adjust to them. But by the end of the day all was well.  It is wonderful to see again.  The reading portion of my prescription changed quite a bit, no wonder I was struggling with threading my needles. So the rest of the month will be enjoyed by hand quilting on my trailing vines.  I did start but really don't have enough done to take a picture yet!

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Goals accomplished!

It always feels so good when I come accomplish my quilting goals or at least see a good effort made.  Sometimes that is hard to do with the everyday things that life presents us. Now that Tom has retired and he helps empty the dishwasher, he realizes that my request for some pull out drawers on my island might really be a great idea.  So this week he installed these beauties. 

Oh they make life so much easier!  But, I ended up rearranging the kitchen cupboards a bit so it was more time consuming than I first thought.  But, I have found that dedicating a little time each day to my craft really makes things progress quite nicely.  I was able to get my trailing vines quilt basted and now it is in the hoop.  No stitches have been made yet, but I am sure they will start soon.  We have had a very toasty September here in North Texas.  Our temps have hovered right around 95 the whole month.  However, come Monday, the expected high will be 75.  I know that crisp morning air will make me want to sit down and start the hand quilting.

I also was able to start one of October's two twelve inch blocks for Cheddarback Quilt.  It's an appliqued Carolina Lily that I decided to do in blue and green.  I hope to finish the stitching of the appliqued pieces this afternoon while watching the Cowboys and Packers battle it out.   Who knows some stitching might even happen on my trailing vines!