Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tribute To George

I can't believe we are celebrating the 4th of July already. This summer seems to be slipping away right before me.  My current projects are slow going, and I am sure that is part of the reason I feel that time is moving along too quickly.   I finished another block for my Tribute to George quilt.  It is the Mt Vernon block. This photo that I found online was my inspiration.

It seemed a bit bland with just the house so I added the hand embroidery to add some interest and depth to the block.  I think it will be a great additon to the quilt.  Today I will try and finish up the embroidery on another quiote that I want to include.  So what's next?  Since George asked Betsy to make the flag, I think a applique flag block is next on the agenda.  Once it is complete I think I will be ready to lay out the major players and see what I need to bring it all together.

A fellow quilter shared this video this week on a facebook group.   I really could relate to this quilter so I am sharing it here as I know many of my followers love to  use hand work to make their quilts.  She reminded me that to get the results I enjoy it takes time.  It isn't a race!