Monday, September 30, 2019

Cheddarback Quilt Progress

I finally have finished all the published blocks for Cheddarback quilt. Although tomorrow is October 1st and another set will be released!  So, in between marking My Trailing Vines quilt I decided to cut the sashing and cornerstone blocks.  Well of course, than I had to put the first months blocks together.  You guessed it, I have now finished sewing 5 months worth of blocks.  I think I will still wait to sew each monthly section together because it will  be easier to store these without wrinkling them up if the are smaller units.  Hopefully tomorrow I can stitch the last two months together.  I told myself once they are completed I really need to focus on getting My Trailing Vines basted.  I really really want to start hand quilting it this weekend.

I am so loving the simplicity and scrappiness of this quilt.  It has a real farmhouse look don't you think?    Looking forward to downloading the next blocks and getting My Trailing Vines basted!  Funny how when fall arrives, I always get into a quilting mood!

Saturday, September 28, 2019

Dish Towel finish

My two dish towels are now completed.  What fun I had stitching out these little designs.  I also love that they brighten up a useful item.  There are a dozen designs in this packet of transfers so I can see myself getting some more dish towels to embroider.

But, I really need to finish preparing my trailing vines for quilting.  I have finalized the design I will use on the final two pink strips.  I have one marked and hope to get the other marked today!  Then it will be on to basting the quilt.  I find that it goes pretty quickly so hopefully by next week, I can start stitching on this quilt.  I hope that the designs come out as good as I envisioned in my head.  I am going to also take some practice stitches.  This is something I used to never do, but each time I start to quilt a quilt, I always think it would have been good to get a few practice stitches under my belt.  Do you take practice stitches or do you like to dive right in?  

This is a sneak peak at how I will mark the outer two strips

Sunday, September 22, 2019

Slow, but still progress

It was a very busy week at my house, it that time of year that we try to get everything back in order after some neglect from the fun loving summer months.  But, I still found some time to put in some embroidery stitches.  I love ending the day with a few calming stitches.  I finished the dish cloth I started last weekend and even put a few stitches into the next one.
Dish towel 1
I will be brave and show you the back of my work. Definitely not perfect, but at least you could tell an effort was made to keep it tidy!

One of my goals for the week didn't get completed but I am making good progress.  I have three out of the four center strips of my trailing vines marked.  The marking isn't really that hard, it's just a bit boring and I can always think of hundreds of things I would be rather doing. But, it doesn't get done that way, so I work in short intervals as not to get too frustrated.

The two outer strips of pink are wider and I want to do something a little different on them.  I haven't come to a final decision but I do have some ideas whirling around in my head.

And finally I have to include a pic of my granddog Zoe.  She is so sweet and fills a void in our lives since Mr Max passed in November.  We are not ready to get a new dog, but visiting with Zoe really helps.  She is a labradoodle and has the same poodle eyes that Max had.  What's not to love!

Sunday, September 15, 2019

A Change of Pace!

Sometimes we just need a change of pace.  For the last year, I found myself wanting to do some embroidery. I had a packet of iron on transfers of pots of herbs that I have had a long time. So this week I picked up a couple of flour sack dish towels and proceeded to prepare to towels for stitching.  I was a bit worried that the old transfers may not have worked anymore but they really worked well.  It got me thinking of when I was quite young 6-7 and my mom would stamp dish cloths  and have my sister and I embroider them.  I remember struggling at first, but we were taught to always finish our project.  I guess it was a good lesson to learn as I do finish my projects.   It will be fun to have this project to pick up in the evenings and enjoy!

I started a bit of stitching on Saturday.  I feel a bit rusty but it's coming back to me.  I am using a running stitch just like I did as a child. I like the look of it more than the backstitch you often see used.  I also decided since the back of this will be seen, I would try and keep the back of it looking fairly decent.  I am using a waste knot instead of the dreaded knot left on the back, I think my mom would be proud of me! I am so thankful that she took time to teach me some simple embroidery stitches and how to knit and crochet.

I also  want  to start marking my trailing vines, today.  It has been hanging in the closet for quite some time.  I want to quilt a cable down the pink strips and either echo quilt or do a grid on the leaf strips.  So marking shouldn't take forever!  I made some templates up this week to hopefully make the process easier.

It is still pretty warm here in North Texas.  It's hard to believe that fall is just about here.  We did enjoy watching the Cowboys play their first game of the season last week.  Getting trailing vines marked and sandwiched should help i feel like fall too!  I think the weatherman said we may see some days with 80 degree temps by the end of next week.................................well you know how that goes.  I think I will just wait and see.

Here's an old quilt I saw at an antique store on Saturday!  It really caught my eye and the kind of quilt you don't see very often. Enjoy!

Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Back to Reality!

It was nice to get away and see family. We had a good time and attended a couple of fairs, played games and had some wonderful meals together.  On the way home we stopped to see Mount Rushmore and we also stopped at the International Quilt Musuem in Lincoln, Nebraska.  I was very happy when we finally pulled up in the driveway, to be back home felt so good.  I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery and added three new states Montana, South Dakota, and Nebraska to my list of visited states.

We live in such a beautiful country!
My grandson and I in Kirkland Wa. Coming from Texas I thought the water was cold, but for him it was swimming season!

I did work on a few blocks while I was gone.  I went to press them when I got home and one needed to be unsewn and resewn as I didn't get a triangle turned in the right direction.  Not sure how it happened but we all know it does.  So, I finally finished all of June,July and August blocks!

June blocks

 July blocks

August blocks

September 1st rollled around and in order to catch up I started making those blocks.  It entailed two letter blocks that I decided to draft.  I think they turned out pretty well.  I had a mishap on the C because I forgot to include the seam allowance.  One of those DUH moments.  So this morning I finished sewing it together.
September blocks

September 1st also reminds me I need to get my trailing vines quilt sandwiched so I can enjoy some slow stitching this winter.  I know I have some muslin I will use as the backing but I need to see if I  have batting. I believe there's a wool batt somewhere in my sewing closet.  Of course I need to mark the top first.  It's one of those necessary evils, but half the battle is choosing the design.  I plan on using a cable pattern and then do some echo quilting around the appliqued leaf strips.  So, Sunday while I am watching the Cowboys play maybe I will start marking.  Fall arrives soon and I definitely need to do some slow stitching!