Friday, May 29, 2009



Well, I had to share my pictures of a hydrangea we have behind our house. I found it after we moved in and it looked really pathetic on the south side of our house. It wasn't a good location and after we ripped out the overgrown shrubs behine our house, I discovered the perfect place for it. They love shady moist spots and this area was perfect. Knowing the right thing to do is to cut them back after transplanting, I snipped them down to the ground. Of course, that mean no blooms last summer, which made me envious of neighborhood hydrangeas that bloomed all around us. This summer things are different as you can see by the photos. There aren't many plants that have true blue blooms but the one in the front of our house is blue. The variety in the back leans toward being pink to almost purple.
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Friday, May 22, 2009

Quilt slideshow

This quilt slideshow was shared by one of the women on my quilt forum. The last quilt is a memorial to the Hudson River Plane landing that happened last year.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

American Idol winner

Well, I am so happy that Kris Allen was the winner this year of American Idol 2009. He seemed to be he underdog, but America voted and he won. Did anybody watch the finale tonight? I thought it was one of their best, alot of stars. Quite entertaining, especially when the idol contestants got to sing with different stars.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Do birds have more than one life?

Today, as I was getting the mower out a car hit a little bird and the young man stopped his car and picked up the bird and it flew away. I kind of caught all of this action through the garage window as I was pulling the mower out of the garage. When I finally reached the driveway, I see Max standing over the bird in our front lawn. So I told him no and he backed away, not that he wanted to but he does obey his commands. I made a couple of rounds with the mower and the bird just sat there and Max kept circling it. So, I decided to go in and grab my camera to see if I could snap a picture of Max drooling over this little bird. As I approached, it looked as if the bird was not injured, so I wondered if maybe it had broken a wing or something, why wouldn't it fly away? So I bent over to get a closer look. I guess that was a bad move as Max decided he needed to go in for the kill. Not sure if he thought he was protecting me, or he looked at it as his last chance at the bird. As I was yelling no and Max was trying to grab the bird, the bird took off in flight. I was so glad to see it hover for a few seconds before it took off. Thankfully, it must have only been stunned by it's accident with the car. I was just thankful I didn't see dog teeth pierce bird feathers. I also wonder if any of his bird friends are believing the story that he is telling at dinner tonight. Sure you were hit by a car, and a schnauzer sat and looked at you for ten minutes and then you flew off.

When it rains it pours

Well, we have gotten over 15 inches in 14 days here. I actually think it is more. We had an afternoon of sunshine, so I thought I would go out and mow at least the front lawn before we leave for our long weekend. It was pretty squishy and I left mud tracks across the lawn, so I finished the front saying there is no way I am doing the back. I was trimming the st augustine vines as I call them from the front curb and I turned the trimmer a bit and sucessfully sprayed myself. Enough of that I just came inside took my shower and am going to sit and relax.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Amish garden finished

Well, it is finally done! I had a lot of fun making it. It measures about 25 inches square. I had never done a curved binding before and it surely isn't perfect but I did learn alot doing it. My next project is a scrap quilt that I am making out of scraps I a have collected over the years. It will not be a quick project. I am using a pattern called a split nine patch. It consist of nine squares but half will be dark and half will be light. Therefore the squares on one diagonal will be formed by two triangles in order for that square to be half dark and half light. There are alot of configerations that can be done so I am not sure what the final look will be. So I guess I will be actually doing more design and I hope to add some kind of applique border, but the final design will have to dictate that. It should be fun, but I feel I will be working on it into next year.
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