Wednesday, April 28, 2010

We have grass!


Tom and I spent quite a bit of time last fall leveling and grading our lawn after we had the unwanted trees removed. We took an additonal ten trees out of our yard, that is after Tom had cut down about that many the first year we had moved in. Walking around the yard we still have over twenty trees left. Our hopes were to get enough light in so that we could have some grass to walk on instead of slippery mud and moss. Max just has to have grass to do his business. Anyway I had to take a photo since I am not sure that the tall fescue will survive the hot summers here. Our hopes is that with the shade from the trees and some rain that it will. If not at least I will have this photo to remember that we did have a lawn in the spring of 2010. If it dies we will have to plug it with zoysia. The bermuda will not grow under the trees and we really enjoy the shade the trees provide so they are definitly staying!
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