Sunday, December 6, 2015

Slow Stitching Sunday

Kathy's post over at Slow Stitching Sunday really hit home.  Getting back from vacation and catching up at home has taken a toll.  Yesterday, I was helping Tom blow leaves out of the landscaping and I got up hung up in the electrical cords and fell face down onto the driveway. My glasses took the brunt of the force and broke but there is a bruised area under my eye.  But, I am happy to say I woke up this am feeling pretty lucky nothing worse happened.  Sometimes we push ourselves too hard.  So today my goal is just to get in a few stitches.  A few wonderful stitches and some "me time" is much needed. I came across this article that explains it all. Yes I need some mental health stitching, that is why I love linking to Slow Stitching Sunday. Today I will start block 8 of 25 on Baltimore Garden.  I have decided that I am not setting a goal to finish this quilt.  I just want to enjoy the stitches and memories I am stitching into it!

I love coming across these flowers as I quilt the background, they just make me smile!