Saturday, August 15, 2009

Tom playing in the backyard!

We had fifteen yards of dirt brought in, to fill in some low spots and level others. Tom spent most of the day riding around in the bob cat. He still has to do some final grading tomorrow and then we should be done. We had a small hump along the curb on our side yard that had some sickly large bushes growing on it. We pulled the bushes out earlier this spring. Tom used the bobcat this morning to relevel the whole area. The ground was so hard that it was almost too much for the bobcat to handle. I sure am glad that Tom didn't try to just till it, the troy bilt would have met his match. LOL
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My Lucky Day




Well, today the Delta River Nature Center in Pine Bluff had their annual quilt show. I entered two quilts in the show, one in the wallhanging category and one in the project category. They both won! I was hoping my wallhanging had a good chance but didn't think they would both do well.
I met some really nice ladies, and there were some really nice quilts. I received two baskets full of quilting goodies, so now I can have more fun.
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Thursday, August 6, 2009

My garden is growing



I finally have a cone flower growing again. I haven't had any since we lived in Wisconin. I call this my little secret garden because the white crape myrtle kind of protects this statue and cone flower. My watermelon is starting to take over the patio. So far, I see three growing, Max loves it cause he goes hunting for salamaders in the vines. I guess he feels like he is on safari. LOL We had a lot of rain again yesterday but I think today we will see blue skies.
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Sunday, August 2, 2009

Quilt Show

Well, Tom convinced me that I needed to enter a couple of quilts in the local quilt show. I am entering Amish Garden and Bluebird of Happiness. They only allow 100 quilts in the show, so I hope mine make it in. The show is on August 15th so I guess we wait and see.