Monday, May 14, 2012

Cotton Boll Block 4

Block four is complete! I picked this block to do thinking it would be a quick easy block.  Once I started it I started to worry about whether my placement of pieces would be exact enough to make the block symmetrical. Sometimes, I think quilter's are too close to their work.  On the other hand, I always feel it is good to continue on perfecting one's work.  While on a morning stroll in the garden one morning last week, I realized that no two leaves were exactly alike, so why was I fretting about perfection.  With good advice from some fellow quilters, I realized I need to let go of the perfection and enjoy the process.
So now that it is done, I can say I am happy with this block.  I have started block 5 which will be a single rose wreath. I must admit that working on an applique red and green quilt, is not boring since each block is so different. The one thing that really keeps me going is knowing that once completed it will be fun to hand quilt.