Friday, May 29, 2009



Well, I had to share my pictures of a hydrangea we have behind our house. I found it after we moved in and it looked really pathetic on the south side of our house. It wasn't a good location and after we ripped out the overgrown shrubs behine our house, I discovered the perfect place for it. They love shady moist spots and this area was perfect. Knowing the right thing to do is to cut them back after transplanting, I snipped them down to the ground. Of course, that mean no blooms last summer, which made me envious of neighborhood hydrangeas that bloomed all around us. This summer things are different as you can see by the photos. There aren't many plants that have true blue blooms but the one in the front of our house is blue. The variety in the back leans toward being pink to almost purple.
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  1. I hadn't looked at your Blog for quite awhile since the Therrien & DNA blogs get my attention so I was surprised to see your beautiful flowers !!