Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Amish garden finished

Well, it is finally done! I had a lot of fun making it. It measures about 25 inches square. I had never done a curved binding before and it surely isn't perfect but I did learn alot doing it. My next project is a scrap quilt that I am making out of scraps I a have collected over the years. It will not be a quick project. I am using a pattern called a split nine patch. It consist of nine squares but half will be dark and half will be light. Therefore the squares on one diagonal will be formed by two triangles in order for that square to be half dark and half light. There are alot of configerations that can be done so I am not sure what the final look will be. So I guess I will be actually doing more design and I hope to add some kind of applique border, but the final design will have to dictate that. It should be fun, but I feel I will be working on it into next year.
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  1. Budsgram.. what a mini masterpiece. I just love this little design you made and how small are those tiny little squares?? it is just a perfect jewel.. thanks for sharing