Saturday, March 7, 2009

Reading versus Music

Well, I was reading my prevention magazine and they had an article on reading versus listening to music while on the treadmill. When you read while on the treadmill you are distracting yourself so you are not working out with the intensity that you should to burn calories. Music on the other hand encourages your body to move and listening to Queen or Madonna on average made made the average workout last 15 percent longer thus burning more calories. I guess I need to add some new tunes to my mp3 player and start using it again since I finished my book Friday. The article also mentioned that people are texting and reading emails while they working out, I don't think I could text and walk or jog at the same time.


  1. I would tend to agree with the benefits of listening to music during your workout. At the gym, good rock & roll is a must; for yoga, I have my ocean music...

  2. I think the most important thing is whatever keeps you going. It may be true that you get a better workout with music, but if distracting yourself with a book helps keep you going back every day then it is better than not working out at all because just listening to music is too boring.

  3. Completely agree with Dolphin's statement. I personally have never been able to read while working out. I just can't coordinate the two things.