Saturday, March 21, 2009


We have harvested our first vegetable of the year from our kitchen garden. I guess this is why the irish eat cabbage with their potatoes on St Patrick's Day. I planted 5 cabbages last October and today we have harvested the first.

We are planning on cabbage rolls for dinner. I guess I need to go online and check for a great recipe.

We are planning a trip to Little Rock today to do alittle shopping. The shoes I ordered for Tom which are the exact same brand and size I ordered before were too small. I guess with the bad economy even the chinese are getting skimmpy.

I was talking to Laura and Chris and they are interested in starting a Therrien family blog. What I mean is a blog that we could add everyone to as an author and we could post things that our happening with our families. Laura was looking for a place to post family photos and I think it would work for that also. So Amy and Margie are you up to that. I figure we could invite Jean and Carl, Sam and Joni, Dan and Stacey and we could keep in touch a little better. I know I have really enjoyed Xander's blog, and would continue to go there, but with a family blog you could post only when you had something special to share, as an example Margie you and Cal are going to Dollywood. Let me know what you think?
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  1. Cabbage rolls sound good....also Jeanie made a dish where you didn't roll the cabbage but used the same ingredients that was very good. The Family Blog sounds good but don't know what we have to do to get it started.

  2. What a terrific-looking cabbage!...I didn't realize you could grow them inside. I'm sure it was yummy.

  3. It was grown outside. Here in southeastern Arkansas, we get freezes but nothing bad. Cabbage being a cold crop actually likes that kind of weather compared to hot weather. As long as the ground doesn't freeze it will keep growing. We really enjoyed our cabbage rolls and need to decide what to make with the next head. I think we will do some kind of stir fry. Thanks for the compliment.

  4. cabbage rolls.

    As for a family blog, I would contribute to it. Are you going to take the lead on setting it up and educating the various family members? It's a good idea on keeping family connected virtually when it is not always possible to do it physically.