Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Day two

I have been thinking about why I haven't been wanting to get on the treadmill. It really isn't the workout it is how boring it gets. I decided to try reading while working out. I went to the library and checkout a book that my MIL recommended.
Great suggestion Margie! I am already on chapter 7. I was able to get two chapters in while working out, so this may help keep me from getting bored. I was concerned that I might fall off but so far so good. Kind of boring huh, but if posting my progress pushes me to do what I need to do, so bit it. I am watching the biggest loser, some of the contestants are losing ten pounds a week, those trainers must be beating them in the gym. This is my first season watching, I am impressed with the contestants, there has only been one who I felt kind of gave up, the rest have really worked their butts off. My hat is off to them! I would welcome any stories of what you do on the treadmill?

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  1. I think up-beat music really helps. Also, running on treadmills next to other people is motivating. You can pretend like you are racing them. To be honest though, being outside beats the treadmill when it is warm enough.