Sunday, February 1, 2009

Are you ready for some football!

Max is wondering if you are ready for some football! He is cheering for the Arizona Cardinals. He has been a fan of Kurt Warner for a while.
I know everyone says the big scary steelers will kill the cardinals, but we believe otherwise.

Tom and I are having our veggie tray with dip and then we are chowing down on some delicious pizza and of course a lager beer.

Max got a haircut and bath just for the occasion.Posted by Picasa


  1. That was a good game! I,too, was for the Cardinals but Cal had a bet that said the Steelers would win by more than 3 points so every time I cheered for the Cardinals he threatened to send me to bed.

  2. I was cheering for the Cardinals, too, since I lived in AZ for a while.

  3. Well, we are proud of Kurt Warner. He had some great stats by the end of the game and the steelers didn't beat up on those cardinals too bad! I guess that is all you can ask for.