Wednesday, February 11, 2009


Well, I am so happy that the weather has been nice for the past week. Max is happy to get out and walk everyday and chase the squirrels.

I planted some hyacinth bulbs last fall and they all came up. I can't wait for them to bloom that beautiful blue. They are already forming their flower head so it won't be long now.

My pansies are still kind oof sad looking from the cold winter. I know they will start perking up with the sun. They are ready all blooming again with the sun and rain we have had this week.

I have to say when it warms up in Arkansas we always seem to get the gulf moisture to fall on our heads. We get a lot more rain here than we did in St Peters, but I am not complaining since I never have to water anything. Tom turned a third of our front lawn into a mud pie by tilling it up last weekend. It isn't a bad thing but a good thing. We want to kill the nasty weeds which was the only thing growing there. We are going to plug it with the St Augustine that is growing in the other two thirds of the front lawn. Hopefully it will do well once we get the soil conditions right. The gardening show is this weekend so I hope to get some good info on what kind of grass we might be able to grow in the back yard. From all the research I have done on line I think Zoysia might be the answer. We have a test plot of Rebel fescue that I am not sure will survive the summer heat since we planted it last fall. The far south east corner of the backyard was tilled last fall and we have planted perrenial rye just to have something growing. It looks great but I know it will die off once the heat hits. It may turn into a test plot for Zoysia early this summer when the ground gets warm enough. Right now I laugh cause it looks like we are farming with all the different squares of green.

Today is very windy, but the wind brings spring so let it blow!

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