Thursday, February 5, 2009

Yesterday was our anniversary! We have another year under our belt. We had to think about how many years it has been. In some ways it feels like yesterday but then I think of all our experiences, I guess it has been awhile. We started the day heading to the Art museum in Little Rock. They actually had a couple of Monet's there, so Tom had to wonder what it would be like to be Thomas Crown!
Some of the art surprised me since they were sketches of jewelry designs. There also was a french watercolor artist that had a letter he had written to a fellow artist in the collection. He included a water color in his letter, wouldn't that be great to have a friend who did that! I wonder if that is done today, considering it seems none of us have time to do those types of things.

We then stopped for some coffee at a Starbucks! I don't care what anybody says Mc Donalds mccafe is not a white chocolate mocha at Starbucks. Tom picked up a large bag of coffee grinds for the azaleas. I guess with the weather warming up this weekend we will spread it on the azaleas so the spring rains will make them happy. Tom is such a green jean, he should have gotten that Nobel Peace prize instead of Al Gore. He trys to walk the walk instead of just doing the talk.

So as we were driving down Cantrell Road, in the prius with our coffee grounds he spied a Hancocks Fabric and of course he pulls in and lets me do some shopping. I have been trying to find some wool batting locally, but I should have know a chain store like that wouldn't carry anything that gorgeous. I guess that will have to be an internet purchase, when I decide I am good enough at hand quilting to actually make a quilt with a wool batt.

It was then time for lunch, we headed to a local italian restaurant. The sun was shining and we were fortunate enough to get a window table. Tom had chicken florentine and I had chicken alfredo casserole. We both enjoyed our salad and entree, but then decided we definitely needed to do dessert. Chocolate carmel turtle cake, mmmmmmmmmmmmmm good! We were good and shared a piece.

We finished the day, coming back to reality, stopping to pick up groceries. Doesn't sound too exciting I know, but spending the day with Tom is enough for me and him, quite a statement, considering we have been together so long.
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  1. I'm so happy for you and Tom...and in awe. I do so enjoy my single life, but have always wondered what it would've been like to find a man I could spend more than 5 years with. You're lucky to have found one another...Congrats!

  2. Sounds like you had a great day. AS usual I remember the day you were married in 1977 and the fact that we had just returned from our 1st cruise. Also that Jean & Carl had gotten married the week before so we had a double reception at Sully's. WE had some bad weather to contend with during those days!

  3. So, was there a shot gun involved with the wedding? September 2 minus 40 weeks....

    Congratulations on another year. I hope Dolphin and are just as successful.