Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Well 2009 is here and you know me I have to have a project. My goal was to get the only wallpaper left in the house off the walls. Last week I spent three days spraying and scraping and spraying and scraping and spraying and scraping, you get the picture. This week I have patched and sanded and patched and sanded, and after all these years I feel like a pro. Today was not fun since I had to clean up the mess from the patching and sanding, but I finished the day painting the crown molding and the base boards. I feel that the worst is over and the fun should soon begin. I still have to prime the walls, but I know that I am going to paint them brown. Yes, brown, Tom said BROWN and I said YES! I guess that is the result of menopause! It is much easier to make decisions and somehow I knew what I wanted. I usually compromise and then I wish I hadn't so BROWN it is!

I am using window curtains made out of a sheer fabric for the shower curtain. They are 86 inches long so they should look better with the nine foot ceilings. The good thing is they arrived today and YEAH! I liked them and the quality of them, half the battle. I still need to get a new white liner and a rod.

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  1. Dad is scared of brown? What does he know...he's color blind. Haha!