Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Ice Storm

Since we have had some inquires on whether we have been iced upon, the answer is no and we are warm and safe. Although northern Arkansas is covered in ice. I feel for those who are without power and for the linemen that have to face the cold weather to fix the power lines. I hope that winter ends soon and we get some signs of spring. It has been so gloomy here, I need some sunshine! I went out yesterday to throw scraps on my compost pile and wheel the trash can to the curb, I stopped by my little patch of pansies that have been blooming all winter, and I saw my hyancinth bulbs peeking thru. Yeah! A sign of spring!


  1. Dolphin heard about the storm. He heard that a lot of people were out of power. Evidently, he looked online and there was a google maps thing that showed who had and didn't have power. He was checking to make sure it wasn't you guys.

  2. Yeah he actually sent me the map. How thoughtful of him to care about us. You know my butt would be down in Austin to see Xander instead of freezing here.