Monday, January 19, 2009

New Toy

Tom finally convinced me to buy an attachment for our kitchen aid mixer. We tried out the attachment this weekend. I started out by making home made ravioli. It really wasn't very hard and they turned out great. So far all of the noodles we have made, have been made out of general all purpose flour. I can't wait to try some wheat flour. I used ground turkey in the filling of the ravioli. That worked out really well, I didn't want them to be greasy and heavy.
Sunday I made up the pasta dough. I asked Tom to prepare what I say is his best dish, shrimp scampi. He boiled water while he made the dish and I came in the last few minutes to run the dough through the machine and we cooked them up. All I can say is, yummy!
It really isn't a lot of work. I found a noodle recipe that is so easy, you just throw everything into the food processor, and a few seconds later you have noodle dough. You then wrap it in saran wrap and let it rest.
No more waiting for ten to twelve minutes for your pasta to cook, fresh pasta is done in a couple of minutes and you know they are done because they float to the top!


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  3. I like the first quilt.........don't ask me why. Yes, I definitely remember those bibs and making t-shirts was quite the thing.