Thursday, January 29, 2009


I came across this article on reducing stress. No wonder we get winter blahs! I know just one week of this cold and cloudy weather just makes me feel blah! So I will tend to my houseplants and hopefully by this afternoon it will warm up enough, and the sun that the weatherman promised will appear, and Max and I will try to get a walk in. We haven't been out but once or twice in two weeks. I guess I have cabin fever. I sure hope that weatherman was right about the sun and just not teasing us!

What is Ecotherapy?
Ecotherapy, is about getting out of doors and becoming active in a natural environment as a way of boosting mental health.
There are 4 reasons researchers believe our moods change when we are in nature.1. We make nature and social connections with animals, trees, clouds and our surroundings.2. We experience Sensory Stimulation; colors, sounds, fresh air, wind, all stimulate our senses.3. We get active. And by walking and being in motion, we produce endorphins and serotonin - a great natural calm to reduce stress and lower blood pressure.4. We can escape from our busy lives. By reflecting, thinking and coming home to our self, it de-stresses and nourishes us.
How to incorporate "Ecotherapy" into your life:+ Take a walk in nature during your lunch.+ Listen to nature sounds on a nature sound disk or machine a couple of times a week at work.+ Keep photos of you in nature around your office to remind you of how you love to connect with nature.+ Keep a plant in your office+ Keep a small aquarium in your office with a few fish.
Whatever it is you decide to do, get outside. And if you can't, bring the outdoors to you!


  1. I have a sister in Seattle and she is all too aware of the depressive effects of too little sunshine. It even has a name: Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). I lived in Seattle for a few years--you can go for 2-3 months in the winter where the sky just gets a lighter shade of grey during the daytime. My sister bought a light therapy lamp & she says it helps.

  2. I think that makes a lot of sense. Supposedly, people in Oregon are the happiest because they have the most out-door lives. This is also why I like the southwest more than the north.

  3. The sun was shining all day here, once the morning clouds burned away. I got the whole house cleaned. I even cleaned the bathroom, usually that gets done on a different day. Sunshine makes me happy!