Sunday, February 5, 2012

Faithful Max

A week or so ago, Tom was called into work on a Friday evening when we on our way out to eat. So Max and I sat patiently in the truck while he went to work. I often wonder what Max did when we leave him in the car. He always wants to come and enjoys the ride. Well, I started laughing cause he sat like he was at attention ears up staring at the front door of the office. I tried to get his attention, but he was like a guard at Buckingham Palace, very seriously worrying about his Poppy. I guess dogs are man's best friend!
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  1. awww little Max! He loves his mommy and poppy :)

  2. I`m sure Carla if the rolls were reversed and you were working and DH in truck Max would be the same way. I love him! reminds me of my ol` Brit Girl. My what big ears you have...VBG