Sunday, October 19, 2014

Layers of Applique

I know, I know, is she still working on that quilt!  Yes, honestly I am!  Alright I am working on several other projects too, but I did give this block my full attention this week, anyway for most of the week.

So I started out by making the templates for the flowers as the leaves and stems were completed last weekend.  I found making a photo copy of the pattern on freezer paper works best as I get a more accurate template.  This flower had five layers of petals so I made five copies so that I would get five templates.

The freezer paper template was pressed on to the fabric. A white mechanical pencil was used to trace around it and it was carefully cut out leaving the 3/16 inch seam allowance.
Then the stitching began.  Only four flowers it can't take that long can it? The petals seem so large compared to the last block so they are really fun to stitch. Here are some photos of how things have progressed:

First layer basted to the block

Stitching done on first layer

Third layer waiting to be added
So many many slow stitched applique stitches later I had all five layers added and by then there was no stopping me.  Too close to finished to put it down. So I made the centers and ta da a finished block!  I danced all the way to the pressing station, after all this in number 25 the final block of this quilt top.   Yes, I get to move on to the borders! 
Block 25!
I hope you find some time to relax and put in some slow stitches and get closer to your own glorious finish!  I will be linking up with Kathy and the other slow stitchers to see how everyone is coming along.  

Thursday, October 16, 2014

A Sewing Box full of Memories!

Recently, I was given my mom's old sewing box.  It is is a wooden accordion type sewing box.   It has edelweiss and other flowers painted and carved into the top and sides.  I remember as a small child that I was fascinated by it!  When my mom would open it up to get something she needed I was always taking a peek and amazed at how it would open to allow it's owner to see it all of it contents. 

It still  contained  some items that probably have been there for some time.  It was almost like going thru a time capsule.  I found one of those metal yard stick rulers that rolls up!  I think they were from from the 50's and 60s.

I found a tape measure in metric measurements that was made in Switzerland. My parents immigrated from Austria in 1952 and this sewing box was one of few treasures that she brought with her.

My parents with my brother and sister arriving on the train
The back side is color coded to mark off every 10 centimeters!

There was a straight razor made by E Weck and Son NY made in the USA. Having gone thru WW2 in Europe, I remember my mom using this to take apart clothing to repurpose the fabric.  She told us stories of how hard life became during WW2 and that they became very resourceful repurposing things just to have something to wear. 

A metal bandaid box filled with buttons. You don't see those anymore.  I bet everyone can remember someone in your family using them to hold their treasures.

At the very bottom there was what I thought was a deck of cards.  A closer look told me I was wrong.  It was a deck of famous actors.  Most of them have german names and the writing on the back is in german.  So my guess these were cards people would collect.  A few were recognizable names:  Greta Garbo, Claudette Colbert and  Joan Crawford,  What fun!  There were also three Hopalong Cassidy Wild West trading cards that came from Post cereal boxes and are dated 1951. 

All of these items I think will stay in the sewing box,  it just seems fitting to me. But I will also be using it to store my sewing notions.  As I reread this post, I realize that none of these things are of much value, but they are to me.  They are a reminder of an earlier day, much like a family quilt that contains fabrics from our ancestors clothing.  I am not sure how you put a value on something like that, I really don't think you can.  I am just thankful that I can enjoy using it everyday and relish in the memories that it brings back for me.