Sunday, November 23, 2014

Calm before the Storm

This week I have pulled out Simple but Not.  With Thanksgiving around the corner, there will be the added stress of a road trip, so I decided to hold off on starting the last border on Baltimore Garden.   I realized that although I love applique, hand quilting is still my favorite part of making a quilt. So relaxing just taking stitch after stitch pulling the thread thru the fabric.  I love when I get into the zone and my mind drifts off to other things and takes me where I want to go.   It's raining outside, so today I will sit and stitch to my hearts content.  I will be joining  Kathy and the others that link up today over at Kathy's blog.  Kathy also reminds us today, that Bonnie Hunter will be hosting Quilt Cam this afternoon at 2pm.  Sounds like a lot of wonderful stitching will be taking place.  As is often said, enjoy the calm before the storm. Monday, brings laundry and preparing for our trip to visit family for Thanksgiving.   I hope everyone enjoys their Thanksgiving Day with family and friends.  But first, let's enjoy some wonderful slow stitching today!
Looks like this a great place to start!  Adding more crosshatching and feathers!

Sunday, November 16, 2014

A little progress!

Still working on the borders.  I finished the second one and posted about it here.  That was Tuesday. So what have I been doing since then?  Well not stitching.  I promised my sisters and brothers that I would scan some old family photos and get everyone a copy.  Yes, I have been scanning and scanning!  Trying to name each photo so that we could bring them up and enjoy them whenever we want.  It was a nice stroll down memory lane. But, it also took a lot of time, but the deed is done. Here are a couple of my favorite pics:
My Mom and my sister Liana and I. I am on the right.

My mom was always taking pictures of us after we got home from Church.
So this evening I need to get back to some stitching.  I did thread about dozen needles so I could get under Simple but Not and put in a few stitches.

But,  I am really making progress on Baltimore Garden's borders.  Sometimes when I get near finishing a top, all of my other projects get put aside and all I can think about is working till it is done.  So I think the applique will win out tonight, although it would feel cozy to get under a quilt and quilt as the weather is damp and cold. But, this third border won't get done unless I keep vigilant.  Hope you will join Kathy and the others at Slow Stitching Sunday and enjoy stitching on your current project.