Sunday, July 5, 2015

Tribute To George

I can't believe we are celebrating the 4th of July already. This summer seems to be slipping away right before me.  My current projects are slow going, and I am sure that is part of the reason I feel that time is moving along too quickly.   I finished another block for my Tribute to George quilt.  It is the Mt Vernon block. This photo that I found online was my inspiration.

It seemed a bit bland with just the house so I added the hand embroidery to add some interest and depth to the block.  I think it will be a great additon to the quilt.  Today I will try and finish up the embroidery on another quiote that I want to include.  So what's next?  Since George asked Betsy to make the flag, I think a applique flag block is next on the agenda.  Once it is complete I think I will be ready to lay out the major players and see what I need to bring it all together.

A fellow quilter shared this video this week on a facebook group.   I really could relate to this quilter so I am sharing it here as I know many of my followers love to  use hand work to make their quilts.  She reminded me that to get the results I enjoy it takes time.  It isn't a race!

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Summer Stitching

This time of year with the wonderful weather we are having really plays havoc with my stitching time.  This morning my husband who has been home after shoulder surgery needed to get out of the house so we decided to head up to the state park and enjoy the scenery. Mr Max came along so that he too could enjoy the park.  It was nice to enjoy the fresh air and the views.

 But, it really doesn't get me any closer to finishing my Mt Vernon block that has been haunting me lately.  I decided my Tribute to George deserved a block that honored Mt Vernon.  Have you ever visited Mr Vernon, I throughly enjoyed our visit a few years ago.

So this afternoon, I am working on a couple of shrubs on each side of the front door and some stepping stones that are the front walk.  Then the weeping cherry  trees need some pink spring blossoms to bring it alive. That shouldn't be too hard to accomplish. For motivation, I will be heading over to Kathy's blog and join the rest of the stitchers for Slow Stitching Sunday.