Sunday, August 30, 2015

Thankful for Slow Stitching Sunday

I have spent a lot of time behind my machine this week.  A lot of sewing and trimming was going on.  These little 4.25 inch paper pieced pineapples blocks take a lot of time.  Of course, laying the fabric on one side and stitching on a printed line on the other side of the paper doesn't help.  After doing a few seams I get into the groove, but, there was many a time that the fabric would flip back and I would sew and have to pick out a few stitches.  You would think I would double check that the fabric was laying flat exactly where it needed to be. LOL I finally got into the habit of placing the fabric in place and then hitting it with my iron. That pressing seemed  to help keep the piece in place so that I didn't have to pin.
Then with each seam you have to fold back that paper and trim adding that quarter inch.  Of course there was the time I forgot to add the quarter inch about 3/4 thru the block so I had to start that one all over.  I know for a fact that I have trimmed off more fabric and thread than there is remaining in the block.  But those little pineapple blocks are so cute and yes even worth the effort.  But, I am so thankful that today I can sit and relax and stitch on row 29 of TATW.

I have two sides done and hope to finish the other two sides today.  Maybe I will cut and get the squares prepared for the final row of squares. Now there is something to celebrate!!!!!! Hope you have something relaxing planned for today. I will be linking up with Slow Stitching Sunday!

Thursday, August 27, 2015


This last week we have enjoyed some cooler weather. Although mid 80's seem warm for some of you, down here in Arkansas mid 80's in August is a blessing!  The cooler nights really get me to start thinking about getting Baltimore Garden ready for hand quilting. It's a large quilt so getting it sandwiched and pin basted will be a big job.  I started a few weeks ago making some templates for some of the shapes I want to use on the open background spaces.

I also placed my order for quilting betweens.  I ordered ten packages of 20 needles.  Hopefully that will be enough to finish this quilt! I am using YLI thread in natural. I love using a thread a bit darker than the background that I will be quilting.

After spending two years making the blocks and border and putting them together, it is now time to start the final leg of quilting it.  I want to honor the original quilt maker by using some of the same shapes provided in the pattern.  The quilt is quilted much like quilts in it's day. Shapes floating around with heavy background quilting.  I'm a bit apprehensive about starting. Will I  like the results?  There is only one way to know and that is to get started.

I have a few things I want to finish up before summer comes to an end. First,. I need to add the final rows of TATW. I started row 29 yesterday afternoon! Whoo Hoo!  I also have the fabric for row 30 chosen!  Then a row of black quarter square triangles to square it up and it will be a completed top.

 I printed out some paper foundations for a miniature pineapple quilt back in May. They have been shuffled back and forth from  one stack to another.  So earlier this week, I started piecing all nine blocks.  I have  14 seams out of 49 seams done on all nine blocks.  I find when I paper piece it is better to work on all the blocks at the same time and repeat each seam in each block.  It just makes it much easier for my brain to get it right.  A little miniature top will make a great warm up piece to get me back to hand quilting since it has been a while!

My stack of nine blocks ready for seam #15

Hopefully all nine will look like this soon!  This was a sample block that I made earlier this summer.  Then I need to think about how to set these blocks you know sashing, no sashing, on point, not on point, border, no border.  Would love to hear how you would lay out the nine pineapple blocks!!