Monday, June 17, 2013

How does your favorite garden grow?

Gardening is very important in my life. Watching things grow, is just so amazing. I love high contrast quilts and I also love high contrast in my garden.

The picture on the right, is the new garden path I put in my garden this spring. Every morning I enjoy my morning cup of coffee as I stroll along and enjoy the progress my garden makes daily.

 I have a large hosta garden under a tree by the terrace. I love hostas, they totally disappear in the fall as winter approaches, but then every spring they return.
I have two tree roses that bloom continously thru the summer, however, at the moment they are just coming back from their first show of color.

 I love combining my vegetables with some of my landscaping. My tomatoes are really doing well again this year.
I also added a couple of gardenia bushes last year, they survived the very hot drought stricken summer so I think I am safe.  The smell is heavenly, although they don't last near long enough.

 I am growing grape tomatoes for the first time this year. I pick a few yesterday, so they will go in our salad tonight.  I think they will be returning since they are cute, ripen earlier than the others and will be great in summer salads.

This succulent is so hardy, every year I pull bunches of it out in some landscaping in the front of the house just to keep it in check. So a couple of weeks ago I just threw, and I mean literally threw some around this large oak tree.  It started blooming this week, we will see if it survives the summer, I have a feeling it will. It seems to survive on the humidity in the air, and we have plenty of that!

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  1. Thanks for that wonderful tour Carla! I too enjoy the peace of the planted things in our yard each morning with my cup of tea :*) I've tried several times to grow gardenias - love the fragrance!!! - but they never survive our winters.