Thursday, January 10, 2013

Before Quilting

Years ago, when my children were young, During their nap times, it would be me time.  I would sew outfits for my kids and home dec items.  Later, a full time job and raising a family would be the end of me time.  So when my children went off to college, I could once again pull out the sewing machine.  I had always dreamed of making a quilt, so that is the path I chose.  Now some ten years later I am still enjoying that craft and still learning. It is nice to take time to remember the past and as they say the good old days.
So for Valentines day this year, I thought I would make my two youngest grandchildren a pillowcase for their pillow.  They are at the age when superheroes and Minnie Mouse are everything.  I sure hope they enjoy them.  They were so easy to make and I really enjoyed remembering what it is like to sew something besides a quilt.  I used a pattern from All People Quilt. It is very easy and your guaranteed to get great results.


  1. Very cute pillowcases and I am sure they will be a big hit with the grandkids.

    Yes, it sure is good to remember the good old days. I love to ponder them often :)

  2. X and A will LOVE these. A hasn't had a pillow in her crib yet so this is good reason to introduce one.

    1. I figured it won't be long and she will moving to a big girl bed.