Monday, June 18, 2012

Wonky Nine Patch

When I first started to quilt, my dream was to be able to machine quilt.  There was a day when machine quilting was frowned at, but in recent years it is acceptable.  There are many talented long armers that do wonderful and breath taking work.  I know I will never be one of them, since my first attempts at machine quilting were quite disappointing.  I still wanted to create quilts, so I set out to learn to hand quilt.  Not to my surprise it is my favorite part of quilting.  I have mentioned before that hand quilting is relaxing and therapeutic for me.

 Hand quilting takes time and patience and I didn't have either when I started this quilt.  So, I decided that I would attempt to machine quilt this one. My first attempt was aweful, and I spent an afternoon picking out the stitches.  I thought about big stitching it, but my heart wasn't into that either. I have really never done big stitching and this being a baby quilt, I didn't want to chance little toes or fingers get caught up in the stitches.

Time was running out and I decided to try my hand at machine quilting.  I  tried to break it down to something that would make this manageable for me. So I came up with idea to stitch a motif on each wonky nine patch and if I could master one block then I should be able to finish the quilt eventually.  So what better than wonky five pointed stars on wonky nine patches.  I am happy with the results.  I may try something like this on a top I made several years ago our of scraps.  It is hard to hand quilt over a lot of seams so this may be the solution.


  1. Beautiful! I am so proud of you for sticking with it, and the wonky star is perfect. Do you feel like you finally reached the top of the mountain? Watch out---I'm coming along right behind you. :)

    1. Yes it is wonderful to have a completion under your belt. I can't wait to see your Tetris quilt!