Tuesday, June 14, 2011

It's better than good!

I have been very disappointed this last year when buying strawberry jam at the grocery store.
It just doesn't taste as good as I remember, and yes I have tried that wonderful brand that totes "It's gotta be good"
So last year, I bought some strawberry plants, so I can try and obtain that wonderful strawberry jam that I remembered as a child.
Spring arrived and it was dreary and our rainy season and my strawberries produced a big enough batch to have pancakes with strawberries.  The rain managed to rot the rest.
But a few weeks ago they started blooming again! This time I was able to pick enough to make a batch of homemade strawberry jam.
I got eight cups of jam, six cups canned and the last jar goes straight to the refrigerator.  I think biscuits for breakfast tomorrow is in order.
I am sure I will be hearing from Tom "It's better than good!"

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  1. YUM! Yeah, I know what ya mean about the pitiful grocery store fare. Just put some of it in my yogurt...sugary slime.