Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Kitchen garden

I am so proud of my little garden this year. We have only worked on this location for a couple of years and I am so amazed at how far it has come along.  This was all grass and weeds when we started and we moved all the concrete border from the front of the house to the back. We then peeled up the st augustine grass and move it to the front of the house. I must say our Troy Built tiller is glad to live in Arkansas where the soil is sandy.  I know when we lived in St Louis the neighbors who borrowed her called her the widow maker. The soil there was clay and heavy.  Then we added grass clippings and shredded oak leaves by the wheel barrow full. A few bags of cow manure and some lime and wha-la a little Kitchen Garden!  Tom and I just love watching it grow. Max loves to chase the salamaders! The birds love to roost on our primitive tomato stakes.  We have already enjoyed pea pods, radishes and garlic from our garden this spring. I can't wait till we get some juicy red flavorful tomatoes.

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  1. It looks great...and your description of veggies is making me hungry.