Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Vacation here I come!

I was able to get my kits completed for the four blocks from Month 4 and Month 5 of the Cheddarback BOM that I will be hand piecing while on  on vacation!  I also got the rest of the blocks for month four and five made.  This means that when I get home from vacation I can start on month 6 which was released Aug 1st.  A decision was made to wait on adding the sashings until all the blocks are made.  Gay suggested stitching them as we go, but I prefer to wait. How about you, what would you do, does it make a difference?

This block from Month 5 was a real challenge for me!  A lot of fussy cutting and challenging to piece

Month 4

Month 5

For now all my blocks are scatterd on the floor!  I love seeing all the different fabrics play off one another and am really looking forward how they will look when sashed in a white and black shirting and red cornerstones! But, the rest of this week will be spend gearing up for vacation!  It will be fun to get away and see family.  But as usual I know I will be ready to come home and am so glad I will have this project waiting for me.


  1. great for you to get the kits all made up - I need to get busy on my RSC kits for two months and make up August blocks at the same time

    1. It all takes time and I am glad I got them finished early enough that I won't feel rushed.

  2. There is something about vacation stitching that is even more fun than at home stitching! Have a wonderful time!