Friday, February 13, 2015

Closer and Closer

I am getting closer and closer to finishing my Baltimore Garden top.  It doesn't really seem as if it is possible.  I can remember as I looked back this week when it would take me two or three weeks sometimes to finish one block and the thought of making 25 blocks seemed impossible.  But one thing I have learned about quilting is to just enjoy each day's stitches and the impossible can happen.  This week I accomplished atttaching the borders and  the final swags on the corners.  I had a moment of "freaking out" when I laid out the first border and it seemed a bit short.  Not that the fabric was too short but the design was further away from the corner than the pattern said it should be.  So after a lot of measuring  and double checking I got the top and bottom borders attached.  They were all off by the same amount so, I don't know if it was because of the applique or the pattern. I guess it doesn't matter as it all worked out in the end.  I adjusted the corner swag pattern and after that it all went together like clock work.

Paper pattern adjustment

Prepared to machine back baste the corner swag

Since I used my machine to back baste the swags on the borders I decided why not go ahead and back baste the corner swags the same way.  It really speeds up the process and since those basting stitches come out why not use the help of my machine.  This morning I got up and did all the prep work for the final eight flowers that still need to be appliqued in place. As I was cutting out my pieces, there was a sense of calm that came over me.  There are no new challenges for me to face on this quilt. I have made everyone of the last eight flowers before. So, now it is all about just enjoying the process and the final applique stitches in this long journey of making this top. I will be linking up with WIP Be Gone and Slow Stitching Sunday to see how everyone else is doing on their WIP.

corner swag completed
Last eight flowers prepped!


  1. Awesome! It has been so fun to watch you on this journey of a quilt.

  2. Wow! That border is looking fabulous!

  3. This is just so beautiful--I have looked on with envy at the Baltimore Quilts for years...gorgeous...hugs, Julierose

    1. They are a big undertaking! Can't wait to start quilting it in the fall.

  4. Wow ... you're really making progress! I'm not sure that I could wait until fall to start the quilting on that beauty!

  5. It is beautiful! The border is always such a milestone, and you're there. What a wonderful joirney and accomplishment, savor every stitch.

  6. Glad you worked that out. I would have been so frustrated. It's been fun watching your journey with this gorgeous quilt. I can't believe you are going to have another gorgeous finish soon.

  7. So pretty. I'm glad you figured out the swag. I am looking forward to seeing that finished quilt.

  8. It's good to see that you stuck with it. Many people would have taken years and years, given up or made the quilt smaller. It's nice to see that it's almost done.

  9. What an accomplishment Carla!! A Baltimore Garden quilt - wow!!! That scallop treatment is going to be awesome :)

  10. I think that most quilt projects are the same; first - excitement over a new project; getting fabrics together, planning.., making the first block. Then the realisation hits - this is going to be so much work...but it is going to be fun. Somewhere in the middle - I wish I never started this; I have seen another great quilt I just "have" to make! But then - the top is finished; quilting can be fun ( or not, depending how much you enjoy it). When the binding is being stitched on - what a great feeling of accomplishment and pride - "I have made this!"
    You are doing great, Carla! :-)