Sunday, September 2, 2012

Slow Stitching Sunday

I really enjoy hand stitching and came across a great blog. Kathy's Quilts has been sponsoring Slow stitching Sundays so if you want to see what others are doing check out her blog.

This applique block is called oak leaves and acorns.  I was a bit apprehensive about starting it, but due to good techniques it has really been a very enjoyable block to stitch. I also was able to try reverse applique with this block, which is something I have only tried once before.

Once this block is completed, I will start the final block of my red and green quilt.  I want to design this final block my self including some new techniques that I have been dying to try.


  1. Your oak leaves are turning out beautifully. It is always nice to feel like we have a new technique under our belts. Glad you found some slow stitching time on Sunday.

  2. Looks challenging but beautiful!
    Thanks for linking up Carla, but I put the wrong code on the link up and had to change it...can you relink so your photo will show up. Sorry for the mixup!

    1. That's ok, maybe this wasn't meant to be my pic still didn't show up right! Love your red and white quilt, the embroidery sets it off nicely.

  3. Thanks Carla for trying. And thanks for your words about my red and white was a very fun journey!

  4. Great block. I love the reverse appliqué on the leaves. Your last block will be something to see.

  5. Oh, what a cool block! But look at all those curves!!! Amazing work.

  6. Great applique block. Love the leaves!