Sunday, April 8, 2012

Medallion Block

First off, I must apologize for my photography. I probably should have spent more time trying to center the block. I also didn't take the time to press the block, I figure I will do that before trimming the blocks to their correct size so they can be assembled into a top.

The medallion block of my red and green quilt has been completed.  It is a thirty-two inch block the rest of the blocks for this quilt will finish at sixteen inches.

This block is far from perfect, and one of the reasons I like to needleturn applique is that homemade look.  I think I captured it, don't you?

Most of this block wasn't too complicated, although I did alter the ends of the carnation petals.  I must also admit, I wasn't real careful with  placement, close it good enough for me.
All in all, I will move forward and start a sixteen inch block.  The first one I have chosen is called  Coxcombs with basket and birds! 


  1. Oh, I am loving your blog! Such great projects you are working on! Looks like you love appliqué as much as I do! It is the one hobby I know I will never give up above all others. Thanks for sharing your lovely work!

    1. Thanks Missie, I am definitely hooked on applique and hand quilting.