Sunday, December 4, 2011

Santa came a bit early

We took Max to Petco Saturday! It is always an exciting experience shopping at the pet store with him. He loves loves loves his toys even as he is growing older. The squeakers are his favorite and he prefers furry over rubber toys.
As we entered the store there were large rawhides that were shaped as candy canes. I was very surprised they really didn't interest him, then came the toy aisle. He came across a few favorites that he still has in his toy basket. The squeakers in all of them lasted about five minutes. He has a tendency to bite into them and that is all it takes to kill them. Then his poppy came across an endcap of toys called invincibles they keep sqeaking even after punctured. He first grapped a long snake, but then he eyed a spider. It fit all his criteria, it squeaks, and it has furry legs that he can sit and chew. Well, so far this is his favorite toy so far, and it has been over twenty four hours and it still is squeaking. He literally has wore himself out playing with it, but the great thing is is a great pillow too!

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  1. Max is a lucky dog!
    Teddy also "kills" the squeekers in seconds...perhaps it is a schnauzer thing
    I will have to see if I can find him a spider like max has!