Thursday, July 7, 2011

Jacob's Ladder

I recently started following Bonnie Hunter on She is the quilting expert on scrap quilts which are my favorite. I have been saving scraps since I started quilting and this June, I spent two weeks sorting thru my Rubbermaid tote. I started cutting up everything into 2 inch blocks so I could make a scrappy double irish chain.
The fun a part of scrap quilting is not worrying about colors matching and or having enough fabric to finish a quilt, because as with Mother Nature everything goes.  It is basically more about value than color, that is a dark next to a light and of course there are medium values that sometimes act as darks and sometimes as lights, depending on what they are next to.  They are the very thing if you ask me that gives a scrap quilt its personality.
I made a split nine patch last year, but it didn't even put a dent into my scraps. This made me decide I needed to tackle this rubbermaid tote with some vigor. At the end of the two weeks I had over 1600 2 inch blocks. Then I refolded my stash of fabric and came across some florals that I have had for years and I never knew what to do with them. In fact, they were added to an internet order by the seller. Well back to bonnie she found a Jacob's Ladder quilt in Florida antique store that was done in a bright yellow and floral fabrics. Of course, that was a perfect solution for my florals, since I don't have any yellow solid I used some green that I had.

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