Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Great Turtle Hunter


For those of you that know Max, you know, he is pretty happy go lucky dog. We tease him at times calling him a city dog! Schnauzer's don't do well when it gets hot and they start to shiver when it gets cold. We tell him he would never make it on the farm, but he keeps trying to show us that he can! He has added the box turtle to his lists of successful hunts. He has killed a baby rabbit, a senior citizen squirrel, a mole, and now he has captured a turtle and even ran around in the backyard with it in his mouth. He wasn't quite as successful with a rooster that lives out in our woods, although he did manage to get it to flee for its life! Sometimes he thinks he is Tiger from Winnie the Pooh and chases and jumps after bumble bees. He is constantly taking a safari trip in the front landscaping hoping to someday catch a salamander. For now he has graduated to being a southern suburbinite, keep trying Max if you catch that rooster, so we don't have to listen to it early in the morning, we will finally admit your the farm dog you aim to be.
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