Saturday, May 8, 2010

Garvan Woodlands Gardens


Tom and headed over to Hot Springs this morning to visit Garvan Woodland Gardens. We probably should have gone last month when the azaleas and daffodils would still be in bloom. It is a very nice woodland garden that has streams of water and waterfalls. Max really enjoyed finding the large Koi in the Koi pond. They are doing some construction. I want to go back to see the Rose garden that P Allen Smith designed. It too will have some water features. We really enjoyed the train garden also. The weather was so gorgeous here today we were so glad to spend it in such beautiful surroundings.
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  1. Ooo, that looks like a fun place. Is that far from where you live? We should go there next time we're in town.

  2. I understand that Parker is really crazy about trains so he would love that place, too. It would really be great if Parker and Xander could get together there and Audrey, too.