Thursday, July 9, 2009

Visiting Liana and Gael


We headed to Springfield last week and got back yesterday. Liana and Gael have only been down there permanently for a week. We helped them take down part of a fence and trim some trees to make way for the two car garage they are having built. We had a lot of fun, and were able to get 5-6 things done on Gael's honey do list. Tom installed an above the stove microwave/vent for Liana, we then had to pry a 31 year old whirlpool microwave that still works out of her fingers so the trashmen could haul it away. Can you believe a microwave that old would still be working. It had a knob you turned to set the minutes. I know she will come to love her new microwave. We also were able to see Chad and Tiffany. They had a new arrival to their family on July 1st. Logan was a little over seven pounds. Kaeley and Garrett their other two children are adorable too.
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  1. I heard something about microwaves lose their power over time. Did it take 30 minutes to get a cup of tea ready?