Friday, July 10, 2009

shamrock plant


This is a shamrock plant that my MIL gave me in May. It was a just a tiny sprout that she wasn't sure would take hold but it did. I planted in my hosta bed, I think it will love it there. It seems to be doing really well. Today I was weeding and I notice a big tall week in my geranium pot and I tugged it out. When I saw the root, I realized that it was the avocado plant that sprouted from an avocado pit I had planted in the spring and forgotten about. I guess I will have to try again next year. I have always wanted to see if I could get the pit to grow, maybe next year.
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  1. my grandmother had a huge one in her livingroom I have never seen these grow outside. They are such a dainty plant...and yours looks very very happy

  2. So glad to see that the shamrock is growing. Some of ours got eaten by something (rabbits?) but is still going.