Friday, March 6, 2015

WIP Be Gone

I am turning the final corner on my RSC2014 pickle dish quilt!  My hopes were to finish this quilt over the weekend,  I had high hopes of finishing the last three pickles this afternoon. But, my husband slipped on the ice this am and came home from work about 10 am and you know how that goes.

Well, I can't blame all of this on my husband, after all for some reason when I get close to finishing I often start procrastinating!  I have never really figured out why, it's not like it is the last quilt I will ever make ! Geez,! There are already four in process so that can't be it.  Do you ever start procrastinating?  So my solution is to link up with WIP Be Gone and put in my ear buds and do some stitching. I can still make my goal if I get to it!


  1. Replies
    1. His shoulder is sore and I think he needs to see a doctor. But thinks it just a sore from the fall, so time will tell! I sure hope so, I will keep at it!

  2. Oh my heavens yes. I can find reasons to procrastinate on a finish. I have a quilt I love and all it needs is binding. It has probably sat waiting at least four years.

  3. Carla it is looking so awesome! yes life gets in the way sometimes it is a blessing though or we would never leave our chairs..LOL Hoping your honey is okay and no broken bones.