Monday, April 4, 2011

Spring has sprung! Spent the weekend finishing up our outdoor tasks. The biggest one was weeding the beds and getting them mulched. It looks so wonderful now. I came across my strawberry patch, and noticed many flowers covered the plants. There are also some berries starting to form. Hopefully with some wonderful weather we will soon have some strawberries. I guess I need to get out my shortcake recipe, so that I am prepared. I also got out my hummingbird feeder this weekend. I hope they were not too mad at me for not getting it our before my trip to Texas. I guess if they were mad, they forgave me for it didn't take long for a hummingbird to come along and enjoy the sweet nectar. I was glad to be back in time to enjoy the short lived blooming of two clumps of tulips that I have. They are the glitter in my landscaping right now along with the cushion mums that bloom in early srping. I have a clematis blooming at the front door, it is a pale purple variety. I haven't had the same luck getting my white clematis to bloom. It seems to come up every year, but I think it may be in a spot that gets alittle too much sun and heat in the summer. Maybe in the fall I will give it a more suitable home. I moved a nikko blue hydrangea last fall. I cut it completely back the first year we lived here, because it was covered in leaves. It always would tout a few blooms but then the summer heat would hit it and it would look rather pathetic. Hence, I moved it to the north side of the house to keep it out of the summer sun, and it is right next to a outdoor faucet so I can be sure it gets plenty to drink. I doubt it will bloom this year since I cut it completely back in order to move it. Hopefully, in the long run, moving it will pay off. All of the crepe myrtles that I moved last fall to the back bed have survived. The clearance hawthornes have also survived. I added some iris in the mix and moved some robin hood bush roses that were barely surviving where they were planted by the previous owners. They look wonderful this spring but the summer heat will be the test as how well they will do. Today is a rainy day, not complaining since I hope it will get my garden off to a good start. We put in our tomato and pepper plants and planted some beans, zucchini, and cucumber seeds. Now, to sit back and hopefully enjoy the fruits of our labor.

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